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Nine hundred years ago, the German Crusaders were invading the Baltic region under the command of bishop Albert. The Council of the Latvian gods gathered. Under the protection of the Thunder God, Pērkons, they chose a noble warrior who would strive mightily against the forces of evil. This hero was Bearslayer, half man, half bear, the protector of nature and the Latvian people.

“Andrejs Pumpurs (1841–1902) published his epic poem Bearslayer (Lāčplēsis; 1888) against the backdrop of the political and economic monopoly of the German aristocracy, widely relying on Latvian folklore, mythology and historical material. (...) This folktale hero became a cornerstone of Latvian national identity at the time when Latvians were emerging as a modern nation, thus becoming one of the major foundation myths for the Republic of Latvia founded in 1918.” - KASPARS KĻAVIŅŠ

A book translated in English by Dr. Arthur Cropley and illustrated by Bogdan Gărgăriță.

- Paperback version, 192 pages, 225 x 275 mm, gold glit decorated title, sewed with thread

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