Detaliul Neoromânesc / The Neoromanian Detail - București: Un album de colecție

This book is for those who seek for beauty and for those who fight to keep beautiful buildings alive. Neoromanian style was born in the 1900s movement in Romania, but its language is universal: beautiful details with influences from Secession, Art Nouveau, Jugendstil as well as Ottoman and medieval hints. You don’t have to be Romanian to get it - you just have to be searching for beauty!


"The Neoromanian Detail - Bucharest" brings to you the buildings that once were the pride of our city's urban landscape, and today they are kept hidden by damage, cables, and vandalism. Some of them are in a state of extreme deterioration and this is why we reach out to you. We want to capture as much as we can before it’s too late. With a twist.


Here’s the twist: we don’t capture the beauty through some fancy camera lenses. We use our eyes and skills so that we illustrate the ornaments and buildings by hand. This way, we emphasize the artistic value of the book and provide the perfect alternative to a real exhibition. The illustrations captivate the viewer and intrigue him to explore the cityscape for himself. More so, through the painted illustrations, we eliminate the unaesthetic elements which distract the viewer from the subject.


We are Maria Postea and Bogdan Gargarita, the two visual artists who created a publishing house called Intaglio. We’ve both graduated from Bucharest National University of Arts at the Graphics department and had loads of expositions and awards. And we are in a quest of saving the beauty of the old buildings. It’s our way of passing on a great story, through color, by hand.

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